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Tuesday, April 7, 2009     Ten Years and Counting
(12:37 pm)

I waited until the seventh to make an entry for this month because it was ten years ago on April 7 that I started this project. I guess nowadays it would be called a blog. In the beginning I called it a diary, then eventually changed it to a journal. I suppose it's personal enough to be called that. To me "blog connotes" something, if not tawdry, at least a popular pastime and this is not exactly that. This project was begun when there were but a few scattered pages of similar ilk, and I'm not certain that the term "blog" had been invented. I'm sure that when I started doing this it was not a widely-known term. I'd have a big celebration to mark this milestone, but I'm not sure it matters enough to do more than note it in passing. If anyone knows of any longer-running blogs, let me know. I'll give them their due.

According to cnet news, blogs are 12 years old. The original blogger was either Dave WIner, Jorn Barger, or Justin Hall. Here's cnet's take on it.

I had actually maintained an online page that was regularly, or at least frequently, updated for a couple years prior to starting this project. As early as 1991 I had a web page on NYX at the University of Denver, which I couldn't even view as a web page because I didn't have a graphics-capable browser. This was back in the days of Windows version 2. I used Telnet to access the net. Most of my online activity was on Gopher and free portals operated by various educational institutions in Canada and the Northern US. Through these portals I was able to travel around the world. I kept a tally of the places I'd been on my NYX page. So, in truth, although this site has only been chugging along since 1999, I've been blogging since before the term was invented. I guess, like all other aspects of my life, I just don't promote my efforts well.

Today's Promise Message:

Okey doke.

Quote of the Day: "Es wieder holt sich immer wieder In dieser Welt so fein und bieder Der Pfaff den Poebel alarmiert Der Genius wird executiert." (In this world so fine and honest; the parson alarms the populace; the genius is executed.)

-- Albert Einstein

Digital Photo -- Canon EOS 20D

This is our neighbor's cat. She seems to spend a lot of time on our porch. She was watching me as I wandered around with my camera, so I figured I just go ahead and do her portrait.


Friday, April 10, 2009     Spring Rain
(12:51 pm)

Those darn April showers are back. Spring always brings a spate of guitar neck adjustments. My Taylor had a bit of a bow in it that required about half a turn to straighten. There was a little fret buzz and even with that the action sucked. After that half turn, the buzz is gone, the intonation is spot-on, and the action is great. I have medium gauge strings on it (13-56) and it plays like light gauge or light-medium. It sounds fantastic. I do need to change strings though. I haven't changed them all winter. They're the Elixr nanoweb and the coating is fraying (mostly due to my use of the Jellifish® pick on them). The strings look like they have peach fuzz. I guess they're old enough to have reached puberty. Time for a swap.

Quote of the Day: "You can fool too many of the people too much of the tijme."

-- James Thurber

I suppose that explains the years 1980 through 2008 in regard to politics. . .

Today's Promise Message:

Limits?  What limits?

I've been thinking of putting together a set of slideshows of my various graphics files on this web site, something that can be browsed without having to wade through ten years of text. I'll be sure to let you know if I do. Not that I'll ever know if anyone cares one way or the other.

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