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June 1, 1999     (Tuesday)

Today is the first official day of my month in the window at Pro-Art.

Buffalo beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2 last night to take the Eastern Conference Championship by the same margin. The Stanley Cup Finals should start Saturday, pitting Buffalo against Colorado (my guess) or Dallas. I'm hoping it's Colorado so we can see the best two goalies who ever played the game to play against each other for the cup.

"Press on new leader" -- page 205 of "Loose Watch" (Invisible Books, London)

I spent part of the morning at Pro-Art tagging my art so Jack will know what to charge for them should anyone want to buy something. I also got a couple more mats from the nice British lady at Picture It Framed to put around a pair of monoprints I did. They look nice. I left it to her discretion as to what color to use. She did a very good job. I'll take those two pieces down next time I'm downtown. I had intended to take the camera with me today to take some snapshots of the show and a few other things, but I forgot it. Just as well, actually, as it's overcast and sometimes rainy today.

June 2, 1999     (Wednessday)

The Dallas Stars rose from the dead and in the last two periods of the game last night, scored five goals to beat Colorado 5 to 1, forcing a game seven Friday in Dallas. Now it's elimination time for both the Stars and the Avalanche. Excellent series!

words, words, words, words, words. words. words: words:words:words - words - woerds wurds wirds words. . .
Recent wordpainting

I've been trying to emboider my signature on my art bag. It's really difficult. The bag is a nice heavy canvas, and my carpal tunnel syndrome/arthritis won't let me do very much at a sitting. I hate not being able to work steady. I really want to push and pull and drag creativity out to sustain and stoke my passion, yet I can barely muster enough enthusiasm to even do the most simple task. It just plain hurts too much. ::sigh::

June 3, 1999     (Thursday)

Well, I got the embroidery and repair work done on my art bag. I paid for it, however, in that I was awake and in pain most of the night, sometimes with cold compresses on my forearm and hand. I am so used to doing fine motor work with my hands, sometimes for hours at a sitting. This is very discomfiting to me. I hate it.

John Hudkins, an older artist from this area and former art columnist for the Charleston Daily Mail, was on the Sunrise Museum Art show on the public access cable channel today. John is quite a character. He does pieces made out of balsa wood, burning the black and brown tones into the surface with wood burners and coloring them with either watercolor markers or tempera. I've known John for years. I first met him when I lived up on Stadium Place, and that was at least 12 years ago. John took some slides of my art work and interviewed me for a local art newsletter. He helped get me a show at the South Charleston Public Library, reviewed my show, and gave me an invitation to an invitational show at the University of Charleston. John is about 85 now and still going. I suppose art keeps you young at heart, or drives you to an early grave by self-destruction.

Jack at Pro-Art said there has been quite a bit of interest in my work, but no sales so far.

June 4, 1999     (Friday)

The Dallas Stars beat the Colorado Avalance 4 to 1 in game seven to take the Western Conference championship tonight. Starting Tuesday, they take on the Buffalo Sabres for the Stanley Cup. Go Buffalo! The Av's seemed to loose steam in this series. It was hard-fought all the way, but the Colorado players seems tired, nearly worn out in games six and seven. Patrick Roy (pronounced Wah) seemed to lose a little of the luster of the greatest goalie who ever played the game.

I heard on the news earlier that the Judge in the Penguins bankruptcy case declared their lease contract on the Civic Arena invalid. This will allow them to negotiate a new, more reasonable contract and clears the way for the Mario Lemieux plan to purchase the team. Go Mario!

June 5, 1999     (Saturday)

I've been playing around with crayons (yes, crayons, like made by Crayola crayons), prismacolor pencils and art sticks, and various brands of oil pastels. I wish I could afford some of the Winsor-Newton oil sticks. I'd love to work really large with those puppies.

I hope I manage to sell a couple thousand dollars worth of pieces from my show. Then I can replace this piece of crap computer with something that really screams.

Hot & muggy today, flies biting, but no rain. The grass all over is turning brown and the clover blossoms in my yard are the thickest they've been since we've lived here. I haven't let the grass get cut in two weeks now because I know it will kill vast portions of it since there's been no rain.

My friend, Forrest, stopped by for a while today. We had a nice visit. He was here last week, but I was downtown installing my show, so I missed him.

Where's there's life there's hope, that's what they tell me, that's what they say.

June 6, 1999     (Sunday)

Worked on a word painting today some. I can approximate it with Corel Draw or MS Image Composer, but I'm doing it with Prismacolor® pencils, so the color and texture wouldn't match.

An old friend stopped by unexpectedly and spent the bigger part of the evening. It was good to see you, Ron.

It was pretty hot today and the prematurely set out trash around the neighborhood stank. So did all the sumac trees around this part of town. It's muggy tonight and no breeze at all. I had a fan outside as I worked this evening. The flies were nasty. Tomorrow, I'm wearing long pants no matter how hot and muggy it gets.

June 7, 1999     (Monday)

It's just now shortly past nine and already it's hot (Well, 80 degrees this early is hot to me). I heard that the heat index in New York City might reach into the hundreds today. Probably will here, too.

I didn't sleep well last night. Aches and pains. I've still got them this morning. Time to get busy!

June 8, 1999     (Tuesday)

The Buffalo Sabres, down 2-1 in the first game of the Stanley Cup finals, struggled back heroically to beat the Dallas Stars 3 to 2 with 4 minutes and 30 seconds to go in the first overtime. The hitting was brutal, the play fast and furious. This promises to be an excellent series. It remains to be seen if Dallas can wear Buffalo down the way they did Colorado. Dom Hasek looked a little sore and sluggish toward the end of the game. His groin injury, which has been bothering him since mid-February may be acting up again. He was out for two games of the Toronto series with a recurrence.

Still having computer problems. When will it ever end?

June 9, 1999     (Wednesday)

I gave up on the red painting I'd been working on since 1994. It just stopped speaking to me. I took it out back and got out the gesso. Now I have a huge white canvas again.

It's so hot. I have problems getting anything at all done.

June 10, 1999     (Thursday)

Well, once again, my artistic efforts are being systematically ignored by the media and everyone else in the Kanawha Valley. I sent an e-mail about my display to the morning paper, and in the Exhibits section this morning, nada! Why do I even bother?

Late: I did another prismacolor pencil drawing of a visual/concrete poem today. I'm satisfied with it. It's nothing to write home about, though. I've been going through my art work, looking toward painting over canvases and throwing away works on paper. It's a time of purging, I guess.

Grilled a T-bone for dinner, baked potato with sour cream & chives, but it was almost too hot to enjoy it. The A/C keeps popping fuses. We are officially in a drought. All the grass has gone dormant and turned brown due to lack of water. They are forcasting rain for the next three days, though. I got my fingers crossed. The roofers were here earlier looking at the logistics. I expect they'll start destroying my yard on Monday.

Dallas got their revenge on Buffalo. The Stars beat the Sabres 4-2 and evened the series at one apiece. Buffalo, I thought, played the better game, but Dallas took it up a notch in the third period, just like Buffalo did Tuesday. Game three will be in Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo Saturday night. Get the popcorn ready!

June 11, 1999     (Friday)

Gawd! It's hot. The promised rain has not come. I have managed to keep the A/C working today, though, to little effect, since the heat is so oppressive. The local radar map shows precipitation, but it's not in the city, only to the north and east of us. According to the current conditions on the Intellicast Webpage it's only 90 degrees and 47% relative humidity, but it feels hotter and wetter to me. The rain we were supposed to get today, tomorrow, and Sunday has been relocated to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the best we can hope for is "isolated" showers until Wednesday. Maybe I should do a rain dance!

June 12, 1999     (Saturday)

Hot again today. I went downtown to stop by Pro-Art and pick up a few things and to take some photographs. The "Smoke on the Water" chili cookoff is today. I walked through the tents where the chili was being prepared and I didn't smell anything that smelled exactly right. They had a Texas Rock/Blues band on the stage. I can play much better than either of the two guitarists, and with a week's practice I could blow the drummer away, too. So how come I can't make any money anymore playing music?

Computer is being a huge pain again. It's getting so I loathe even sitting down at it for fear of what's next.

Well, as everyone expected, Dallas beat Buffalo in game three of the Stanley Cup finals to lead the series 2-1 (same as the winning score, I might add). Game four is Tuesday night in Buffalo. Maybe three days in Buffalo will have a deleterious effect on the Stars ::grin::

June 13, 1999     (Sunday)

Spent the day, cleaning, moving things around to better accommodate my art supplies and materials. I really need an actual studio with pleny of room and cabinets for storage. Tired. Write more tomorrow, if I can muster the enthusiasm. . .

June 14, 1999     (Monday)

Overcast today. Still working on my studio space. Computer still flakey.

June 15, 1999     (Tuesday)

Buffalo took game four tonight to even the Stanley Cup series at 2-2. Next game will be Thursday night in Dallas. Buffalo has to win at least one of the games in Dallas to stay in the series. Brett Hull was out of action, and is listed as "day-to-day".

Still working on my workspace and storage. Computer still doing weird things and making disconcerting noises.

June 16, 1999     (Wednesday)

Everything is pretty well straight in my studio space. I even managed to get a little work done. All sorts of things cross my mind during the day while I'm working to put down here, but when I finally sit down to do my daily entry, none of it remains. I suppose I need to keep my microcassette close by from now on.

June 17, 1999     (Thursday)

Dallas shut out Buffalo to take game five of the Stanley Cup finals (2-0). The Stars now lead the series three games to two. Game six will be in Buffalo on Saturday.

The computer has been making strange noises today. My ulcers have been acting up, too. AND my carpal tunnel. . . I guess I need to take it easy for a few days.

June 18, 1999     (Friday)

A day of just missed and miscues and small errors.

June 19, 1999     (Saturday)

Today was disjointed. I didn't actually accomplish anything. Spent three hours doing a surface scan of my hard disk. Well, I didn't, the computer did. Worked a little on catching my address file cards up.

Right now I'm watching the hockey game. It's midnight, second overtime. Score and commentary to follow tomorrow.

This is where I live.  This is my piece of shit computer.

June 20, 1999     (Sunday)

The Stanley Cup has found a home for the year in Dallas, Texas. The Stars beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 in game six with six minutes and change to go in the third overtime period to capture their first Stanley Cup title in the franchise history. Buffalo has yet to win their first cup. Brett Hull scored the winning goal. The only other goal scored by Dallas was in the first period, and was a fluke. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the puck would not have gone in the net. It also looked to me like Brett Hull's skate was in the crease before the puck when he scored the so-called "game-winner". Buffalo dominated the game and still lost.

The world on a clear sunny day like today is clean and beautiful and rendered with the finest of detail, but it does not contain the contrasts, the drama, the violent colors of my vision. Maybe it's just where I am. Perhaps somewhere else, the physical world would meet my requirements.

June 21, 1999     (Monday)

Summer solstice. Hot & dry. I'm really sick today.

June 22, 1999     (Tuesday)

No entry. Sick today. Doctor's visit. UTI

June 23, 1999     (Wednesday)

Feeling slightly better today. Urinary tract is back on its way to health now. Still don't feel like saying much.

June 24, 1999     (Thursday)

Physically, I feel much better today. The newspaper got me to thinking a little this morning. More later, if I can gather some coherent thoughts together.

June 25, 1999     (Friday)

No Entry Today

June 26, 1999     (Saturday)

No Entry Today

June 27, 1999     (Sunday)

No Entry Today

June 28, 1999     (Monday)

First I get a urinary tract and then the computer starts acting weird again. Like they say, it's just one thing after another.

No entry

June 29, 1999     (Tuesday)

I'm so frustrated I can't see straight. This computer has to stop after about ever 30 minutes of use and do a four to eight hour surface scan of the hard drive to find new bad sectors. It's to the point where it's almost useless.

June 30, 1999     (Wednesday)

It looks like I might have my show in the window at Pro-Art for the month of July as well. The woman who was supposed to have July has apparently wigged out. I'll find out Saturday.

I spent the day waiting for the surface scan to finish, so I made envelopes and organized things a little. I can't seem to muster the passion to do actual art. Ideas seem scarce these days too.

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