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Wednesday, December 3, 2003
(1:10 pm)

I got up this morning, and first thing my monitor crapped out on me. I had another one on hand that was attached to the laptop, so I swapped them out. I'd been running my display at 1152 X 864 with 32 bit color since I got this computer. I thought that was all my video card could handle. Well, when I installed the new monitor, I found out that it was the monitor that couldn't handle the higher resolution, not the video card! One never knows, does one? This 1280 X 1024 resolution will take some getting used to, but I think I'm going to like it. This monitor doesn't have the color saturation of the other one, though. That may prove problematic, but I'll stick with it until I can afford to get a better monitor. I'd really like to get a whole new computer since this one was assembled in February of 2000. That makes it nearly four years old, pretty damn obsolete. Santa, you listening?

Happy Birthday, Ann!

Friday, December 5, 2003
(10:16 am)

Friday already, eh? I went to my ortho doc yesterday. Got a shot of cortisone in a tendon that goes along the inside of my right ankle. I sure know how to have fun. It felt okay all day yesterday until after dinner, then I had to retreive my cane to make it up the stairs. Today, it's hurting pretty bad again. Damn!

Some things are a little different using this new screen resolution. 1152 X 864 has an aspect ration of 1.34:1 whereas the 1280 X 1024 has an aspect ratio of 1.25:1 -- it makes some things look a little different that use a static definition for the display instead of a dynamic one. Some things that were broken on some programs before work now, and some that worked fine are now broken. Everything's a trade-off. I notice now, too, that instead of a standard 72 dpi, my text is displaying at 144 dpi. I can use smaller text and it will still be legible. Before, in my text editor, I was using 10 point type. Now, that looks too big and too dark, so I've gone to 8 point which looks just slightly smaller than the 10 point did before. I'm sure you wanted to hear all about that. . .

Sunday, December 7, 2003
(11:12 pm)

Two days of shopping and running around -- enough to ruin a good weekend! We got more lights and decorated the 25-foot tall spruce tree out front. Looks impressive. We put a dozen 6-inch ball ornments on it. Maybe I'll find some other things to adorne it with. It's oddly shaped, but it seems to like being the neighborhood Christmas tree.

Next week, I have a doctor's appointment, Ann has a two day trip to Morgantown, and I will probably work two evenings at the Empty Glass, running sound. Friday night it's another Morgantown band, The Emergency. Last time I worked there it was a Morgantown group. Saturday night will feature Rolly Gray and Sunfire According to the blurb on the website, "These Trinidad-Tobago and Virgin Islands natives blend reggae, soca, and calypso with beautiful harmonies and tropical rhythms. You'll feel the island sunshine vibes as you smile and dance all night long!" Should be interesting.

Still life with wisk (C-083)
"Under Construction"

Monday, December 8, 2003
(11:47 pm)

These entries get later and later in the evening. Tonight we (Ann & I) went to China Buffet for dinner, then roamed around in Gabriel Brothers. I found a CD with 10,000 fonts, a pair of khakis and some New Balance shoes for me (total cost: less than $40.00). We got a Christmas present for Margaret and one for the granddaughters. We also got a 5 X 8 foot Mohawk rug -- real nice. Right now it's performing service as a throw for the futon downstairs.

Lots of good feedback about the photo from yesterday. It's one of my favorites from the last roll of film (Agfa Vista 100). I may set that still life up at some future point and try some more shots, especially if I can manage to get a digital camera.

Quote of the Day: "It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking." -- Julius Caesar, from Plutarch, Lives

George W. Bush and his ilk might do well to listen to Julius.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
(10:21 am)

If perchance I stop making entries here for an extended period of time, it will probably be like, when in August through November 1999, I was without a computer. This machine is acting up really badly. I'm getting beeps and a solid red screen when I boot. It locks up for no apparent reason. I think I need at the very least a new motherboard. Even that is quite beyond my means at the present. I saw an Athlon machine (an earlier version of which I am running now) on the Tiger Direct site for $319 plus shipping. Then I'd have to either swap out the hard drives or reload a TON of programs from this machine. . . Still, I can't seem to save even that small amount. It's like dieting -- there are so many diversions.

Friday, December 12, 2003
(6:36 pm)

In a few hours, I'll be off to do my sound mixing gig. I both enjoy and dread this work. I think maybe enjoy a little more than dread.

How is it that Rally's (may be Checker's in your area) can sell two Big Bufords (double quarter-pound patty cheeseburgers) for three dollars but Wendy's charges nearly that much for ONE?

Ann was in Morgantown earlier this week. She made four phone calls home, totalling less than six minutes and was charged over $35 for them. I've added hotels to my list of legal thieves, along with hospitals and movie theaters.

Sunday, December 14, 2003
(3:36 pm)

Friday night, I worked sound for a couple bands at the Empty Glass. I went in expecting "The Emergency" from Morgantown, but, as it turned out, they had an opening act called "The Ones That Got Away." Both bands were 3-piece acts, so that simplified the set up and transition. "The Emergency" was a pretty good band.

Last night had the makings of a total fiasco. The snow and ice started early in the day. The band, "Rolly Gray and Sunfire" had to come over the mountains from North Carolina. By 11:00 they hadn't shown up. We were starting to worry, and drink heavily. Around 11:30 they called from the road and said, "We're somewhere in West Virginia." Now we held our breath. Finally they made it in a little after midnight. It could have been a total train wreck, but it actually turned out pretty nice. They were an excellent band, and once we got the kinks worked out, starting as we did without a sound check, it went pretty smoothly. If you ever get a chance to see this band, do so. It's an almost guaranteed good time.

Well, they caught Saddam Hussein. I guess that makes reelection for W. a lot easier. Still, I hope against hope that something will happen to get that man out of our lives. Maybe the Fourth Infantry could invade the White House and take out Bush. Nah, that's right -- they work for him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003
(11:28 pm)

Tomorrow the last episode of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy comes to a theater near you. We already have our tickets for the first matinee showing. We could have gone to the midnight showing tonight, but since we didn't get much sleep last night, we decided it was a good idea to put it off until tomorrow.

Last night I had to go take both my granddaughters to the emergency room with the flu. Hannah was on IV fluids for six hours. I think both girls' fevers broke early this morning. Hannah is feeling much better and isn't throwing up everything that goes on her stomach like she was last night. Gretchen is doing better too. I hate it when little kids get sick.

Quote of the Day: "All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human nventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit." -- Thomas Paine

Sean and I got our little mini-studio pretty much set up in the room here where I keep my computer and sound gear. The mixing board needs to be taken apart and all the pots and faders cleaned out real good. Every single one of them is dirty and noisy as hell. I at least got a couple channels set up so that my acoustic/electric Ovation 12-string sounds really good. It doesn't sound exactly like it does through the power amp and speakers, but it does sound pretty nice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003
(11:05 pm)

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is excellent. I do, however, think that they should revert to the old tradtion of having an intermission in the middle of movies that are that long. My bladder just can't handle nearly 3-1/2 hours after having consumed a half-gallon of Pepsi (a medium).

I'm only turning on my computer for a few minutes a day now, just long enough to check my e-mail and perhaps make an entry here. I think they should make it illegal for anyone to send an unsolicited e-mail offering to sell anything, or soliciting anything. I also think that anyone who buys anything from such a e-mail should be subject to heavy fines. Maybe we should try to make the people who respond to these responsible.

Friday, December 19, 2003
(11:34 am)

Gee, I went two whole days and no one pointed out to me that I'd spelled 'who' with an extra 'e'. I guess no one reads this anymore. Must be time to shut it down and do something else with the space. . .

I know that's not true. So far this month, there have been over 800 visitors to this site, most of whom read this page, several of whom do it at least once a day. What I find interesting lurking in the page statistics is what people are searching for and that the search engines hook them up with my site. The top 20 search items for this month are programming dictionary, naked twins, j michael mollohan, computer programming dictionary, million monkey syndrome, nude art, photo liverwurst pate, 1092nd iraq 45 rpm and photo montage, ali dabiri, april nude, aqualung west virginia bill dunn, arch bridge, art cubert painting photo, bob lafolette, broken pinkie toe recuperation, bugabear virus, capuccino makers, claus oldenburg clothespin, clothespin.That is in order. The first, programming dictionary, accounted for 15% of the search hits, with the rest being in the single digits. There were six attempts looking for my name, which surprises me. I didn't think there were six people in the world who know me who didn't already know about my web site. Live and learn.

Tonight at The Empty Glass: "Green Genes." According to the web site, they are "fast-paced jam-grass from Kentucky. They're kinda a Southern rock version of Steely Dan meets Grateful Dead. With a masterful mix of keys, guitar, banjo, bass, and drums -- these guys have crafted some great music for your listening pleasure."

Tomorrow night it's "Night Train." "From the back woods of Kentucky come crazed mountain men in overalls swarping 'ya with original Southern rock songs about moonshine, sin, snake-handlers and preteen brides. Stop by for some fried boloney, bobbin' for pigs feet and a truly bizarre evening!" Whew! I can't wait. <shudder>. . .

Saturday, December 20, 2003
(3:02 pm)

Okay, "Green Genes" is a really good band. They're not cliched or like anyone else. The jazz influence is evident throughout, but they're still "down home." They are thoroughly nice guys, too. After the band finished last night, drunken women took up the slack and provided entertainment until the doors closed. "Green Genes" will be back again next month. Keep an eye on The Empty Glass web site for exact date and further information.

Today is the heaviest shopping day of the year. I wish the city police would station an officer at the corner of Lee & Clendennin with several books of tickets already filled out for blocking the intersection. Don't you people realize that it's things like pulling into the intersection before you have room to clear the intersection that causes the slowdowns that you're selfishly trying to get an edge on by pulling up on the next guy's bumper even if it means blocking the way for others? Don't you realize this is also illegal? The Charleston Police is supposed to have a task force targeting aggressive driving. I've seen no evidence of it other than a few signs and a car with D.A. R.T. graphics on the side. As near as I can tell, the assholes still rule the road.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003
(11:03 pm)

It's been a busy few days, shopping, wrapping lots of presents, running hither and yon, getting ready for the big day, making plans, visiting with old and new friends. It's been hectic and I haven't felt very well since Sunday. I think my cold/virus/plague/whatever is starting to subside, so Christmas with the grandkids will be fun. There are only about a dozen presents under our tree. Probably three times that many in bags to go to the grandkids house.

Dan Abrahms on MSNBC said something about being willing to give up some of his civil liberties in the face of another attack like 9-11. Ann went ballistic. I can't remember when I've seen her so angry. She shot off an e-mail to Abrahms quoting Ben Franklin, "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." I agree. Too many are willing to lie down and roll over at the mention of terrorists and potential of violence against the United States. Once we surrender our liberties for that, we will be increasingly asked, no told, to give up other liberties for lesser reasons. We must hold steadfast and not surrender an iota of our freedom or we allow the fascists to tighten their grip on our testicles. When they start to squeeze, it will be too late. Fight the Neo-Con Fascists now, with words, civil disobedience, any means necessary to prevent them from turning this country into an anathema of what the founding fathers so lovingly carved out of oppression some 200 odd years ago. Do not allow this noble experiment to fail because the fear engendered by the few, the rich, the evil GOP causes us to become sheep to be herded. Resist!

Thursday, December 25, 2003
(9:53 pm)


Saturday, December 27, 2003
(9:57 pm)

Okay, so I'm an idiot. I just realized I made my Christmas Day entry and neglected to upload it to the web space. Doh!

How was your Christmas/Hanukah? Speaking of which, how many ways are there in English to spell Hanukah?

I'm working on a new series of cards. My dear friend, Emily, gave me a book of some post card collages an artist created over 29 years. I tend to do them a little faster than that. My last series (for the book) was monochromatic. This series will be in color. I like color better. I have a pack of (15, I think) Arches watercolor paper post cards. I've sealed the other three edges to make it into a block. I had Victor at Pro-Art cut a sheet of illustration board into 50 4" X 6" pieces. I also have several sheets of railroad board cut up, and some 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper. I'm not sure how many pieces total, but it should be appreciable. I'm going to mail some of them to my self. Others, I think I'll ask the good folks at IUOMA (International Union Of Mail Artists) if they'd like to take on some to mail back to me. That way I'll get some foreign stamps which will add to the pieces. Onward!

Monday, December 29, 2003
(4:26 pm)

Here's a picture of my son (on the right of the picture -- stage left) playing bass (he usually plays guitar -- he'd intended to play drums that particular night) at the Empty Glass (a club I occasionally work at -- used to play there now and again, too).


Wednesday, December 31, 2003
(11:11 am)

sigh. . . Another year, another dollar. . .

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