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Friday, February 19, 2010     Ideological Perversity
(10:38 am)

Two important news stories yesterday: Joe Slack Attack and CPAC Attack. I watched part of Rachel Maddow's show last night (most of the evening I was watching Olympic Hockey and curling - I love curling). She had gone to the CPAC convention. The losers at the podium looked for the world like they were coked to the gills, 3/4 in the bag, freshly spray-painted a bizarre shade of orange, and had just had their testosterone injections. With every word they rubbed my face in the reasons I detest these people. They have no care for anyone without scads of money and really wish we'd all die or just stay out of sight. They are pure evil. When I was growing up, these people were ashamed to be noticed and stayed very low key. They didn't make too much noise and didn't get in front of television cameras too much. Back then 'conservative' was a dirty word. Now, they've nearly succeeded in making 'liberal' the nasty term and pumped 'conservative' up to a badge of honor. Well, folks, it's not. These people need to crawl back into the shadows and stay there for fear of exposure as the slugs and worms they are. Their ideas on how to govern society are so stilted and ugly as to be ideologically perverse. The John Birch Society, long the extreme fringe of the right is now installed at CPAC with banners flying. These people need to be defeated in a profound way.

Ben Bradlee's statement comes to mind, "When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds wil follow." Somehow we need to get their balls in hand, and not in a good way for them.

In other news, Joseph Stack set his house on fire, left a bomb in his parked car in the General Aviation lot at the airport, got in his plane and slammed it into the offices of the IRS in Austin, Texas. Okay, Tim McVey drove a truck full of explosives to the front of the Federal Building in Oklahoma city, set a timer, walked away and let it blow up. Tim McVey was a confused Right Wing Nut Job. Stack was a confused Right Wing Nut job with Marxist confusion. What makes the former a terrorist and the latter a criminal? I think Stack has the better credentials, including being a tax martyr.




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