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Monday, February 8, 2010     Who Dat?!
(1:32 pm)

I usually watch one NFL game a year. Yesterday was that game. Geaux Saints! It was heartwarming to see the downtrodden rise to unparalleled heights. Rather unlike my Penguins, who dropped another one, this time to the hated Caps. David Gregory was in the audience watching the game. I will give Sidney Crosby & Co. credit. They did gain a point by delaying the inevitable until overtime.

Okay, I took the weekend off and didn't post anything here. So, sue me. If you notice is says "Daily Sermon," not Each and Every Day Sermon.

Quote of the Day: "Greatness occurs when your children love you, when your critics respect you and when you have peace of mind."

-- Quincy Jones

I'm having a listening day. I'm listening to a lot of artists I've never heard before, mostly ones I've downloaded free tracks of from eMusic. It's a good way to develop tastes in artists and groups you've never heard of. I keep trying to push eMusic to my friends, but no one has signed up yet. They have a deal where you get 50 free tracks for signing on and the person recommending you does too. So far my free tracks are zilch. Anyone? Send me a comment if you're interested. It is a really good deal.

One of the groups I've been listening to is Black Mountain. They have a definite psychedelic flavor to their music. It's rather like Jefferson Airplane meets The Doors. It definitely has that late-60's SanFranAngeles sound to it. I like them a lot. Another group in a totally different direction that I've found is Assembly of Dust. They're basically Little Feat with guests: guests like Taj Mahal, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglass. Nice.




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