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Friday, February 5, 2010     The Corporation
(1:27 pm)

Recently I found the Canadian film, "The Corporation" online. I previously saw this film on one of the movie channels. It was available for maybe a month, but it wasn't shown enough that I could catch it twice. It's definitely a film everyone should watch. . . mopre than once.

A corporation is nothing more than a means to avoid liability. Liability is another word for responsibility. Corporations are therefore formed to avoid being responsible for their actions. Anything accomplished by a corporation could be done by a loose or highly-structured partnership or an association -- perhaps a cooperative venture. Corporations are only made to avoid taking responsibility for the actions of a group of people. Now we even have Limited Liability Corporations, which gives the corporation qualifying for such a structure even more of a 'Get Out Of Jail Free Card.' Exactly what is it that's well and proper about such a thing? Nothing! Setting up a structure that avoids responsibility for one's actions and makes it imperative to suck as much money from anyone coming into contact with the entity is simply immoral and evil. Corporations are evil. Period.

Quote of the Day: "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."

-- Booker T. Washington

A couple months ago I bought a hand-held Zoom H4n recorder. It uses SD or SDHC memory cards. The SD cards only go up to 2 GB, which at CD quality .WAV format will accommodate 190 minutes of recordings. The unit will record at greater than CD quality, but the specifications don't give recording times on the higher quality settings. It came with a 1 GB SD card. I figure that's good for and hour and a half. Thinking ahead and finding a good deal on them, I bought several 4 GB SDHC cards. I recorded some things on a couple of them. I expected I'd have to transfer the files to my PC to edit and process them, convert to MP3 for online use, etc. Well, there was a problem. The card reader I have in my PC was apparently made before the advent of the HC card. It won't recognize them. Nuts! I ordered an SDHC card reader from and I expect it sometime next week. Good thing is that it comes with an 8 GB card. Once I get rolling I expect to record a lot of things with this unit. It's awesome. It will function as a 4-channel multitrack with a wide array of built-in effects. It has two high-quality built-in microphones. You can connect a wide selection of external microphones, instruments and devices. It will take me quite some time to explore all the capabilities.




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