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Wednesday, February 10, 2010     The Root of our Problems
(11:25 am)

Some of the more serious problems facing the human race are global warming (a/k/a Climate Change), drought, starvation, wars, tribalism, poverty, (as some would say) homosexuality, disappearing rain forests, encroaching deserts, increasing weather severity, and increasing rates of suicides and species extinction. If you trace each and every one of these problems back you run into one thing -- overpopulation.

As the propulation increases, the need for resources grows and grows. People cut down rain forests just to have a plot of land to provide their basic necessities. Species dependent on these forests die off. Who knows how many cancer cures, longevity increasing drugs, and other boons to mankind have been irretrievably lost because of this? As the need for food increases, the demand outstrips the supply. People starve. In the desparate effort to remain alive, areas are denuded of all plant life, animals are driven to the brink of extinction, regardless of their status in the eyes of the powers that be. Tribalism and gangs increase in an effort for the people on the edge of existence to feel like they have at least a modicum of control over their lives. The increased use of energy drives the planet to the point where it considers the wisdom of allowing humans to continue to exist.

New diseases and homosexuality are just a couple of the planet's methods of addressing overpopulation (I maintain that Conservatism is another, but that's another sermon). The Chinese are the only people on the planet to understand the perils of overpopulation and do something to address it. Affluent people in developed countries realize some of the danger and generally tend to breed replacement parts or less, but the poor, the minorities, the immigrants, those who depend on large families to survive continue to breed at a rate that far exceeds any conscious effort to curb the population growth.

Have no fear, the Earth will survive. Humankind, perhaps not. Gaia may decide that she can no longer tolerate our voracious, selfish nature and find new ways to rid herself of us. What we, as the currently dominant species need to do is work on ways of cutting the population instead of allowing each generation to proliferate uncontrolledly. Either that, or we need to reembrace our space program with a great furvor and work on finding another planet or eleven to handle the overflow. In many science fiction stories, mankind lives in domed cities, or arcologies, protected from the hell he has made of the planet. Even with those extreme measures, most of these same stories also admit the need for new planets to despoil and ruin. Surely we can do better. Well, given the current political climate of opposition in this country and much of the rest of the world, I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

(1:25 pm)Some notes

My jury duty obligation expired last Thursday. All told, I sat in three jury boxes, got booted out of all three. I also went in one other day and got sent home twice without making it to the court room. My Jury experience consists entirely of boredom, punctuated by rejection. Just like real life. . .

We get an inch of snow, strong wind, and miserable cold and low humidity. All around us they have blizzards. Guess my Mojo is workin'.

Anyone in the Charleston, WV area want to come over and make some music? Drop me a line (see Comment button) and we'll get together.




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