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Wednesday, February 3, 2010     Why can't things just wrok right?
(1:55 pm)

I've been trying most of the day to download a 'free' program. I should sue them for pain and suffering and frustration. The size of the program package is 155 MB. That should take a minute and a half, tops! I just downloaded another software package that was three times the size of this one in under five minutes. Somebody is asleep at the switch.

I have another technology-related problem. Recently I bought a device that uses SD an SD HC cards. I have a number of 4 GB SD HC cards that I want to use with it (it will handle up to 32 GB cards). Well, the first time I inserted one of the SD HC cards in the card reader on the front of my computer, it read the files and transfered them to my hard drive for further processing with no problems. The next time I wanted to do the same the card reader will not recognize the HC cards. I can use the 1 GB card tht came with the machine and it works fine, but the HC cards are foreign to it now. What I'd like to know is why it worked the first time and not subsequent times? I tried to locate new drivers for the card reader but there are none available online. My only choice at this point is to buy a separate reader for the SD HC cards. Not that expensive, but a delay in the use of something I already own, and a hassle ordering, receiving it and setting it up. Why can't things just worK?

Quote of the Day: "Have a vision. Be demanding."

-- Colin Powell

Technology is a great thing, but too many times it's not as helpful as it should be. There's either a steep learning curve, or it takes longer to use the technology than it would to do the same thing otherwise, or it just flat doesn't work. Then there's the technology that removes the onus of customer service from people and places it on the customer himself. Voicemail systems come to mind. Many times when a call placed to a business could be handled in under a minute if a human being answered the phone can take up 20 minutes or more navigating through a maze of menus that mean mostly nothing to the caller, then waiting an interminable time on 'hold' until someone in India reading from a flow chart attempts to assist with something with of he or she has absolutely no understanding or direct knowledge. Ridiculous. And did I mention, this adds to both the company's bottom line and unemployment? High unemployment and high frustration. Is this what technology is supposed to bring us? And that's an improvement?




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