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Wednesday, July 2, 2008     Scrabble tiles, Bullets, Microphones, and Whiskey
(1:44 pm)

What do those things have in common? At one point or another I've kept all three in a Crown Royal bag. Why do I mention this? Well, my brother-in-law's wife is in the Hospice. She has small cell lung cancer. Not a pretty disease. Yesterday she was articulate, if not lucid. Apparently you could understand what she was saying, but being able to discern the meaning was something entirely different. My wife said that she spoke my name at one point, followed by the phrase, "blue bag." Well, Crown Royal comes in a blue bag. I didn't really think about that until this morning. Last night after we left the Hospice we stopped at Rite Aid. Among the other things we picked up (pill caddies, soap, and Twizzlers), I got a bottle of Crown Royal. . . in, of course, a blue bag. Coincidence? Precognition? Suggestion? Warning? It's strange, at least, no? I use the blue bags for lots of things, most notably as microphone covers. That was the main reason I bought Crown Royal instead of another brand. I prefer 100 proof whiskey, and Crown Royal is only 80 proof. The bags are useful for many purposes, among them holding Scrabble tiles, bullets, microphones, and (the original intent) whiskey.

Today's Promise Message:

My answer to most things. . .

My computer has a problem. It started locking up on me right after I ran the patch to make my Yeah, Write software work again. First thing I noticed was that Microsoft Publisher no longer works. It hangs up trying to start. Then things went to shit in a hurry. At present I can work for extended periods. . . sometimes, as long as I don't let the machine sit idle for more than a few moments at a time. I've been trying to track down the problem to no avail. I thought about using system restore to take it back to where it worked right, but I'm not entirely convinced that would work. Sometimes it seems to be a BIOS problem. I'm still tracking it down. I can usually (usually!) keep the thing running if I loop a video in Media Player. I can't run a screen saver, but I can run the videe loop from the screensaver. Weird. I've been trying to back things up to a more current state, but every time I try, the machine hangs before it completes, so I've been copying things to the external drive in small chunks. It's tedious, and I'm sure I'll forget something. Also I hate (reiterate -- HATE!) having to reinstall everything and seth things back up the way I like them. I used to rather enjoy such things, but I've gotten older and wiser. Well, older anyway.

Quote of the Day: "All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling. To be natural is to be obvious, and to be obvious is to be inartistic. "

-- Oscar Wilde

I'm currently reading a book titled Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance. It's a great read, reminiscent of Caleb Carr's work. It's by a fellow named Gyles Bandreth. As nearly as I can tell this is the only mystery he's done with Oscar Wilde as the protagonist, acting very much like Sherlock Holmes. I hope he does more.


Thursday, July 17, 2008     NOTICE
(1:11 pm)

My desktop computer's problems got so bad that I can't use it for much of anything. it sometimes locks up as it's booting. I took it to Computers Plus yesterday. Luckily I found out, it's still under warranty. Right now I'm using my wife's computer to collect my e-mail and my laptop to do things like this and other functions I can't do from Ann's machine. I have a lot of reloading to do once my machine gets back from the hospital. . .

Until such time as I get my desktop back and get it running properly, I'll probably not make any entries here unless something major occurs or occurs to me. Bear with me. The permalink feature wull be reinstated once I Get things back to normal, or what passes for normal around here.

Another note, during the massive mess with my desktop, I inadvertently destroyed June 2008's page here. I'll try to hit the Google archives and see if I can recover it from there, but I hold little hope of doing so. Anyone remember what I talked about last month so I can use that as a search criterion? Ain't life (with computers) grand?

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