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Tuesday, March 2, 2010     In Like a Weasel
(1:23 pm)

March came in neither like a Lion nor a Lamb; more like a weasel, sneaking in at night, raiding the food stores, getting ready to slink out once the 31st day has passed. March is not my favorite month, being merely an attachment to my birthday. It does contain the birthdays of my daughter and some close, dear friends, and for that alone it's worth keeping in the calendar. Also, St. Paddy's Day lives there, and while I'd love to move it to February 27 so as to bracket my birthday with a nice Irish Holiday and April Fool's, I don't suppose whoever's in charge of keeping the calendar would approve of such a thing. Besides, if March were to be eliminated, would February get additional days, or would we stuff them between, say, July and August in a feeble attempt to make summer longer. Who knows, maybe a few more earthquakes and the days will be sufficiently shortened that we need to add an extra month instead of axing one that's already there. I guess we'll just have to put up with March for the forseeable future.

Digital Camera Image [Canon EOS 20D] Clifftop 2009
"Bowed Psaltries at Clifftop 2009"

HOUSEKEEPING: I've reduced the width of the text on this page. I've left the previous months' pages as they were, but this month the column width will be somewhat less. I may even reduce it further as the visual appeal of the layout to my aesthetic sense prevails. Any time you have any suggestions, complaints, or kudos, let me know. There's a button for that.




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