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Thursday, November 13, 2008     Long time between strokes. . .
(12:05 pm)

A lot has happened since I last wrote here. We have a black man as the President Elect. Of course that doesn't keep the Right-Wing nuts from ranting and raving and threatening and posturing. I guess that's just a part of life in the Twenty-first Century. I really wish it wasn't, though.

Today's Promise Message:

Isn't that bound to result in perversion, incest, and kinky balloon animals?

Prepositions. People seem to think any one of the 50 or so prepositions in the English language may be substituted for any of the others. The other day at a store I heard an announcement over the intercom: "So-and-so, you're needed to your register." To my way of thinking that should be either "You're needed at your register," or "Please come to your register." Now, wouldn't it just sound wrong if they announced, "So-and-so, please come at your register." Yeah, you need to stop coming in the stock room! Well, maybe masturbation should be a private thing afterall. . .

Quote of the Day: "[H]ow do Republicans who call Obama a socialist explain their support for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare and the Earned Income Tax Credit? What are these if not government-mandated transfers of wealth to the middle and working class, and the indigent and working poor? "

-- Pat Buchannan

Sometimes, when Pat Buchannan makes sense or espouses a point of view that agrees with mine, it makes me question my hearing and/or sanity and scares the bejeebies out of me.

Computer bug?Computer bug?

Monday, November 17, 2008     A Similar Sense of Style
(4:17 pm)

Ann and I went to Mountain Stage last night to see James McMurtry. The show was excellent. In addition to McMurtry and the always great Mountain Stage Band, the entertainers included The Lee Boys, Shelby Lynn, Tim Bianco, and Malcomb Holcombe. I went there a fan of McMurtry and came away even more so, plus I came away a fan of Malcomb Holcombe and with two of his CD's. I thought I'd put the following photo up here previously, but checking back so I could reference it, I found that the only place I'd put in online was MySpace. I keep this over the door to the (former) dining room where I keep my music gear set up along with the computers and such related goodies.

Maybe it should say "Abandon All Hope. . ."

I took the sign with me to the show last night. We sat in the front row and I aimed the sign at the stage while he was performing. After the show I got to go backstage, thanks to the generosity of Ron Sowell, the Mountain Stage Band leader. We went in search of James McMurtry. On the way I ran into a friend and paused long enough for a handshake and a man-hug. Then I scurried to catch up to Ron, who was already halfway down the stairs to the bowels of the theater. We scoured the dressing rooms, the green room and the hallways. No McMurtry. Ann had gotten left behind in the rush. She had the camera, so if I did find who I was looking for I'd be without my photographer. After looking around for a few minutes, Ron and I decided that our quarry had flown, struck out early for the hotel or other destinations. We went back up the stairs at a much slower pace than we'd descended them. When we got back to the offstage area, there was Ann, waving frantically. She'd found him! He was backstage chatting with Michael Lipton. We went over. I said hi to Michael and asked Mr. McMurtry if he'd sign my sign. He graciously ascented and started looking to those around him for a pen or Sharpie®. I pulled out a roller ball pend and he signed my sign. Ann tried to take a photo of the two of us side-by-side, but this is the best we got:

Notice the very similar jackets and  glazed-over looks?

As you can plainly see, we both have similar senses of style, down to the sweat stains around the collars of our well-worn jackets and the dazed looks on our faces. We did manage to get some decent photos of him onstage. This is probably the best one:

What a songwriter and performer!

Quote of the Day: "He thought he'd died and gone to Houston."

-- James McMurtry, "Fast As I Can"

He was a very nice fellow, obliging and sedate. He wasn't particularly friendly, seeming almost shy. I took an immediate liking to him as a person, in addition to my admiration for his talent. I'm very pleased that I was able to meet him.

On the way back to the car, we ran into Malcomb Holcombe on the front steps of the Cultural Center. We talked a while and Ann took a couple photos of us. He put his arm around me like I was an old friend. You should really check out his music. He's great. And what a joy to watch! He is nearly spastic, but in a good way.

Again, a similar sense of style.

This has to be one of the worst photos of me in the history of photography. At any rate, again you can detect a similar style sense. . . or lack thereof. . .


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