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Wednesday, September 3, 2008     Regatta Got Me
(1:37 pm)

Sunday night Ann and I went to the Regatta. We saw Blues Traveler and the fireworks. That might have been okay, but we'd been on the go pretty much all day, since just before lunch. The concert was okay, considering the density of drunk people (Where's Art Mann when you need him?). The sound, however, was terrible. The subwoofers were too much and the other speakers were too little. I never did care for the muted sound of their guitar, either, but John Popper sure can blow that harmonica. The fireworks were the best I ever saw at Regatta. But, I've not been there for the past several years. I think the last time I was at Regatta fireworks was in the late 90's. I had a great time, but I'm still paying for it. When we got home Sunday night, my ankle was swollen to about twice its normal size. It's still sore and not quite back to normal. Ice packs help, but nothing totally alleviates the pain and swelling. Only time will help. . . maybe.

Today's Promise Message:

Dream a little dream of me. . .

I'm listening to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer -- Emerson, Lake, and Palmer; Brain Salad Surgery; and Trilogy. Good stuff. I subscribe to eMusic. I logged on to three surprises today -- one, the price went up two dollars a month (from $9.99 to $11.99), two, I get 10 more downloads per month (40 now), and three, they had all three EL&P albums. Sweet!

Quote of the Day: "While we're here in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we can do things for people on the Gulf Coast."

-- Laura Bush

Yeah, like stay the fuck away from them and let people with hearts, consciousness, and competence take care of it.

Bonus Quote of the Day: "I know that we shall meet problems along the way, but I'd far rather see for myself what's going on in the world outside, than rely on newspapers, television, politicians and religious leaders to tell me what I should be thinking."

-- Michael Palin (no relation)

Joe Lieberman. Disingenuous, vile, evil, dastardly son-of-a-bitch DINO Motherfucker. This miserable excuse for a human being should be totally ashamed of his toadying, nasty, quisling behavior. How could a former Democratic VP nominee support someone of the other party for President. Lieberman is a self-absorbed carcinogen in the Body Politic.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008     Trials snd Tribulations
(1:42 pm)

I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, my trials and tribulations are rather minor. My health is improving. Finances, while tight at the moment, are not disasterous (knock wood). I have two guitars on the disabled list -- both Epiphones. One, my Les Paul Plus Top Limited Edition, is still suffering from wiring problems (of my own creation). The other is my Epiphone EJ-200ce jumbo acoustic. The bridge saddle started cracking. I called Gibson and they sent me a new saddle -- for a different guitar altogether. I sent them photos of the one they sent and the original one. They're supposed to send me the correct one now. We'll see.

Additionally, I have an amplifier on the list. Last week, I decided to defrost my compact refrigerator that I have upstairs in my studio. I put a tub in the bottom of it, piled towels all around and went off to bed, letting nature take its course. I woke up at four AM and after visiting the bathroom, decided to check the progress and make sure no water was going where it shouldn't. The ice in the freezer compartment had come loose all in one piece. "This should be real simple," methinks to meself. I pulled it out. The water on the surface of it made it quite slippery. The whole thing went shooting out across the room, breaking into multiple chunks. The main part was a little over half of the thing, so I gingerly picked it up and took it in and tossed it in the bathtub. I went back and gathered up all the bits I could find. Well, I missed one. When I was in the studio after getting up for the day, I noticed a chunk of ice lying on top of the control panel of my Vox AD30VT amplifier. I tried drying it out best I could, then tried it out to see if it worked. It didn't. Now I need to take it to Cross Lanes to get a fellow to look at it. The amp only cost me $239 new. I might be well off to just wait and get a new one. I hate this.

Today's Promise Message:

Twinkle, twinkle, little eyes. .

I'm much nearer the end of my life than I am to the beginning. I figure, based on roughly an 80 year span, I've got about 20% left. Most of that will be spent, I'm sure, in pain and isolation. I have to go about making the best of right now so I'll have good things to hold onto during the final approach.

Quote of the Day: "Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist."

-- Epicurus

I haven't posted any art or photographs here in a while. Today's different. This is a picture of the five pumpkins we grew in the front yard this year. There are two left to go ripe, the largest of which is bigger than any of these.

Digital Camera Image [2008_0916aImage0014] [Canon EOS 20D, ISO 200, Program AE, 1/60, f/2.5, partial metering, exposure compensation +1, Tamron 20-300mm lens @ 28 mm, built-in flash]
"5 Punkins"

Monday, September 22, 2008     Wild Weekend
(2:06 pm)

Saturday morning we got up around the usual time for a weekday. Showered, shaved, dressed, had a biscuit and hit the road by nine. We went to the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant.

Floodwall gate.

There were numerous odd creatures and individuals roaming the streets and byway of Point Pleasant. In the Mothman museum we say MIBs, Ghostbusters (with inflatable backpack power units), and run-of-the-mill touristas. They had a goodly collection of bits from the movie, including Laura Linney's entire uniform. They had some of the props, too, such as chunks of styrofoam painted to look like pavement from the bridge collapse, rope painted to resemble steel cable, and balsawood painted to look like bridge steel. Those prop department artists do a fantastic job.

This is Susan Nicholas of WSAZ, Newschannel 3, who was in the movie, playing herself. She worked for WOWK-TV 13 at the time. Behind her is the Mothman statue.

Mothman and Woman

Here's a license plate I saw on an SUV parked on Main Street, close to the festival.

Nevada tags

I don't want to get too carried away with photos, so I'll call it a day and do more tomorrow. I hope you had a good weekend, too.

Quote of the Day:
"Will work for food, will die for oil, will kill for power, and to us the spoils.
The billionaires get to pay less tax, the working poor get to fall through the cracks.
They can join the Air Force, or join the Corps if they can't make it here anymore."

-- James McMurtry, "We Cant' Make It Here Anymore"

After spending a few hours at the Mothman Festival, we headed down WV Route 2 to Huntington. They were holding their annual Chilifest. For the most part the chili was awful. The Devil's Chemists brewed up a pretty good batch though. We spent ten dollars on tickets and only used up six. After leaving Huntington we set out thinking about catching the sunset at Hawk's Nest or maybe going down to Pipestem to catch the evening shows at Culturefest and maybe spend the night if we could find some place open to buy an airbed. We couldn't. We got gas at Fayetteville and headed for home. We got here about nine, tired and sated. It was a thoroughly good day. I don't expect too many more like that in the near future.


Monday, September 29, 2008     Yeah, yeah, I know. . .
(12:17 pm)

Computer bug?

So, it's not "tomorrow," per se, but it is still September. Doesn't that count for something? Anyway, I'm posting more photos from the Mothman Festival last weekend. I noticed on Karen Allen's MySpace page that she and Sean Richardson were there as well. I'm surprised we didn't run into them. We even took some of the same pictures.

Here's one of my favorite things from the festival. This was sitting on a vendor's table. By the way, those roses are made from wood.

I love this sign.

Here's a close-up of the Mothman statue in the Town Square in Point Pleasant.

Indrid Cold

On a more serious note: This is the plaque that sits on the bank where the old Silver Bridge fell in 1967. I was in California at the time. The new bridge is a little over a mile to the south.

One red rose. . .

Quote of the Day: "An act of Congress repugnant to the Constitution is not law. When the Constitution and an act of Congress are in conflict, the Constitution must govern the case to which both apply. Congress cannot confer on this court any original jurisdiction. The powers of the legislature are defined and limited, and those limits may not be mistaken or forgotten is the reason the Constitution was written."

-- Marbury v. Madison

September is nearly over and this is but my third entry here for the month. Maybe I'll make it four, maybe I won't.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008     Hateful, Vicious People
(3:24 pm)

I subscribe to an Internet Newsgroup called alt.binaries.humor.skewed -- supposedly a skewed humor newsgroup as indicated by its name. Well, lately there have been alot of right-wing, racist, down-right nasty individuals on there posting trash about the election. There are some more liberal-minded folks too, who sometimes refute and shame these assholes, but to little avail. The nasty folks have no shame, no sense of fairplay, and no honor. I'd jump in the fray, but all it would garner me would be derision because I don't think the "right" way. These people are the scum of the universe. Naturally, they all admire Sarah Palin.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, Matt Tiabi has an article in the current Rolling Stone that is right on the point. He's a great writer, reminding somewhat of Hunter S. Thompson -- a sober Hunter S. Thompson.

Digital Camera Image [] [Canon EOS 20D, ISO 100, Program AE, 1/320, f/6.3, Exposure Compensation +2/3, Eval. Metering, Tamron 28-300 mm lens @ 233 mm]
"Pod People"

These Pod People were standing along the road on WV Route 2 between Point Pleasant and Huntington. There are a lot of nice wetlands along that strip of highway. We saw a huge pumpkin patch too. Maybe when Ann retires we'll start a pumpkin ranch.

Computer bug?
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